Hi, I’m Julie. I am a copywriter. Though a surprising number of people ask, being a copywriter has nothing to do with copyright law. I could, however, write a very compelling brand anthem for copyright lawyers, should they need to market or re-brand themselves.

What I do.
Being a copywriter means discovering a brand voice and bringing it to life. Or getting inside an existing voice and extending it through different channels, prolonging its shelf life. As a copywriter, you become a subject-matter expert quickly and efficiently—enough to write about it, market it, or sell it. I do all of the above, for a broad range of projects and clients.

What I write about.
Some of my subjects have included: an all-boys private school, the Anterior Approach for hip replacement, property-loss prevention product certification, an injectable drug for multiple sclerosis, financial advisory services, and dialysis. There are also subjects that I don’t totally understand, but have written marketing copy for anyway. I’m that good.

What makes me seasoned.
I’ve been at this for 10+ years and, in that time, have worked for a range of companies (large marketing studio, small design firm, two nonprofits). I have an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College and a BA in English and creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

What I do when I’m not writing.
I live in Watertown, MA, with my husband and two tiny humans. Like their mother, so far, my children love books (the print kind). We spend most of our weekends with our best friends, whom we call the Scooby Gang. We’re just about as dorky as we sound. Aside from reading and bi-annually cleaning, my other pastime includes TV-watching/Netflix binge-watching. But only scripted television, I promise.